This is a blog based on the coffee-table book entitled “Dictators Who Loved Films”. Our featured chapter is on Kim Jong Il, in response to his recent passing. Just scroll down to read tidbits and fun facts about his life in relation to film. Yes, all speech bubbles are real quotes.

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Chapter 1


Dictator: Kim Jong Il

Country: Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea

Years in Power: 1994-2011

Favorite Films: The Sea Of Blood (1968), The Flower Girl (1972),           Godzilla (1954), Pulgasari (1984),The Godfather (1972), The Tora-san series, Friday The 13th (1980), the James Bond series.

Be Cautioned: It is illegal to take a picture of someone imitating this leader. It is illegal to take a picture of just the feet of a statue of this leader. Once a picture of this leader is captured, it is forbidden to destroy it.