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North Korean Favorites

In his book On Art and Literature, Kim Jong Il calls North Korean Films The Sea of Blood (1968)  and The Flower Girl (1972) “masterpieces.” These are both films by one of his favorite directors Choe Il-Gyu. As well, Kim Jong Il himself played a large role in producing these films.


The Sea of Blood is a classic because it moves people deeply by its clear exposition of the theme. The theme of this masterpiece is presented clearly through the torturous course of the life of the heroine until she takes the road of armed struggle by realizing the truth of anti-imperialist revolutionary struggle that blood must be repaired with blood and the violence must be countered with violence.” –Kim Jong Il



The Flower Girl is a materpiece though it is on a small scale. The work stated the important idea that the revolution is the only path to survival, by means of an extensive and detailed description of the misfortunes and sufferings of the family of a servant (a common place situation in the korean countryside in those days) through the heroine Ggot Bun’s life and her warmhearted character. This is the perfect example in that it develops an important problem and a momentous idea from a small event and plainly shows the inevitability of the revolution through the growth of an ordinary person.” –Kim Jong Il


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